2nd International Festival City of Tivoli

Hotel Policies


From 24/04/2024 to 28/04/2024

Open A ELO ≥ 1900

Open B  1600 ≤ ELO < 1900 

Open C ELO < 1600

Rate of play 90’+30’’

Prize Pool : 2.900 €


With the patronage from the city of Tivoli

Entry fees

65 €

55 € for Scacchi Valle Aniene members

Free for players with ELO > 2.300

Players must register on Vesus


The transfer has to be addressed to the following 

IBAN: IT32I0344039450000047588173

to Associazione Dilettantistica Scacchi Valle dell’Aniene

In the reason for transfer specify name and surname, registration to the 2nd International Festival city of Tivoli

The receipt has to be sent no later than April the 21st to the following e-mail address info@scacchianiene.it

For any doubts or clarifications, please contact the following number exclusively via whatsapp
+39 328 629 5973


    April 24th

    • 17:30 Registration deadline
    • 18:00 1st Round

    April 25th

    • 09:30 2nd Round
    • 15:00  3rd Round

    April 26th

    • 09:30 4th Round
    April 27th
    • 09:30 5th Round
    • 15:00 6th Round
    April 28th
    • 09:30 7th Round

    Awarding ceremony at 3:00 PM

    Prize Pool

    Open A

    1st 500 € + Trophy

    2nd 300 € + Trophy

    3rd 200 + Trophy

    4th 100

    • Best U2000 100€

    Open B

    1st 400 € + Trophy

    2nd 250

    3rd 150

    4th 100

    • Best U1700 80 €

    Open C

    1st 300 € + Trophy

    2nd 150

    3rd 100

    • Best U18 90 €
    • Best U14 80 €

    The prizes are not cumulative and are to be considered gross of taxes



    Tournament valid for standand elo fide variation.
    If the player reaches the chess board with over 60 minutes of delay, he/she will automatically lose the game. It’s absolutely forbidden to smoke (including electronic cigarettes).
    By participating in the tournament each player implicitly agrees to the publication of some personal data (surname, name, category, elo) as well as for the results achieved and the pictures taken.
    For minors, such permission is implicitly given by the parents. Tournament registration implies unconditional acceptance of the rules included in this document and any possible change decided by the organizers.
    The tournament will follow the italian chess federation’s anti-covid protocol. For everything that is not contemplated here the tournament will follow the r.t.f. (national tournament regulation) and “the laws of chess”. Tie break criteria used for prizes assignation: BUCHHOLZ TOTAL, BUCHHOLZ CUT 1, ARO.

    Half-Point Bye Discipline Each player has the option to request a half-point bye in any round, excluding the last two rounds, only once as regulated by Article 6.3 of the R.T.F. (Tournament Rules and Regulations), subject to the conditions specified in the same article.

    Wild Cards On the player’s request, 4 wild cards will be assigned in the A and B opens. Requests should be sent to the email info@scacchianiene.it. Acceptance will be based on the ELO rating first, and secondarily, the order of arrival. The organization, however, reserves the right to exercise discretion based on justified reasons.

    Pairing The pairing system used is the Swiss system

    The prizes are not cumulative and are to be considered gross of taxes

    Rate of play 90’+30’’

    How to reach us

    Tournament site

    (The hotel agreements are valid only if you contact the hotel directly without using virtual agencies)

    Via Maremmana Inferiore km 0,500, Tivoli (RM). 
    300 meters after the ‘Tivoli’ exit A24 motorway. Two large free parkings
    tel.: +39 774 381919 / +39 338 494 3020 

    Player Rates (Breakfast included)

    Single           €   75,00
    Double        €   100,00
    Triple          €   120,00
    Quadruple   €  140,00

    Buffet-style meals by reservation € 20.00 per person per meal

    Permanent coffee station in the gaming hall foyer